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March 2021

The IECBH Plan is the first comprehensive, cross-sector five-year plan that outlines shared goals, policy and financial strategies to improve access to behavioral health services for infants, toddlers, preschoolers and families in Hawai‘i. To support the mental health of all Hawaiʻi keiki, the IECBH Plan will create equitable systems of care that reduce racial and socioeconomic disparities, ultimately ensuring success in school and life.

Partner organizations that developed the Plan include the Association for Infant Mental Health Hawaiʻi, Early Childhood Action Strategy Network (ECAS), the Executive Office on Early Learning/Head Start State Collaboration Office, Hawai‘i Community Foundation (HCF), and Hawaiʻi State Department of Health’s Children with Special Health Needs Branch.

For more information-see here for Press Release

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